Dancing Classes

Kiz Anima believes that dancing is connection, flow and joy; Connection with the music, with yourself and with your partner; Flow in movements and steps, two bodies dancing as one; Joy in expression.

Kiz Anima teaches more than Kizomba. We teach Kizomba, Semba and Kizanima.

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Dancing with connection

Wellbeing workshops

Kiz Anima believes that food, movement, music and inner voice are the main factors of our wellbeing. We believe that being well is a day to day activity and it requires day to day actions.

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Corporate workshops

Kiz Anima believes knows that corporations are stress producing machines. Being in corporations for the past over 15 years, we observed how easy it is to get stress from work in a static environment that demands our mind focus.

We believe that dealing with the work related stress is mandatory for our health and we offer an alternative that comes right at your desk, right in your office.

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